Buy US Made Policy

USA Capitol conducts business with great respect for the people and organizations that make our country so successful. We purchase a significant volume of raw materials and recognize that one of our most important responsibilities is to support those entities that adhere to the basic values upon which this country was founded. Consistent with this commitment, we have implemented our company’s Buy US Made Guidelines. We also support a Voluntary Purchasing Plan. We are actively engaged in purchasing US manufactured materials in preference to those of foreign manufacture. At the same time, USA Capitol develops high value products that are 100% Made in the USA. We are contributing to the society in which we live and from which we derive our livelihood.

Voluntary Purchasing Plan:

In keeping with our Buy US Made Guidelines, USACapitol has established internal goals to
purchase materials manufactured in the US in preference to those of foreign manufacture – if the
domestic items are of the same or superior quality and are available in sufficient quantity.

Buy US Made Guideline:

By duly understanding that capitalism and free markets are the cornerstone of our society, we will not espouse economic nationalism and judge people or their products by the group from which they came.

“We fully recognize the USACapitol products are purchased by
government-supported entities with public tax dollars.”
Todd Mantz, President/Owner, USACapitol

Our Buy US Made Guideline and Voluntary Purchasing Plan should not be perceived as patriotism or hostility toward foreign people or entities; it is only a manifestation of the simple fact that buying US Made generates US tax dollars which, in turn, creates our revenue and livelihood. Officers will take an initiative in supporting the development and standardization of an industry-wide program to promote the purchase of US manufactured raw materials, components, and finished products.

We will consider all steps in value chains from R&D and product designing to manufacturing, logistics, and marketing to incorporate US Made products throughout. USA Capitol will specify to suppliers the use of US Made products and raw materials in outsourced component production.

USA Capitol will set our own voluntary standard for maintaining 100% Made in the USA products with all components to be purchased from US suppliers that manufacture in US factories.

  • 100% of USA Capitol products are Made in the USA
  • 99% of all raw materials are Made in the USA
  • 95% of the raw materials
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