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Summer 2015

The Capitol Letter.jpgRecently, one of the dealer magazines included a thought provoking article about schools formally incorporating character development as part of their standard education curriculum.  Decades of change in America's societal values caused a loss of moral emphasis on basic virtues that were once considered common.  This loss sent ripples through the American school system resulting in poor academic achievement and alarming levels of bad behavior.     

     America's value changes affected more than just schools.  Turn on a television set and flip through the channels, pick up a magazine or newspaper, surf the web; no one is surprised to see a glut of bad or criminal behavior ranging from greed and corruption to murder.  Schools can teach basic character and moral values, but children must see them modeled in the world around them to truly grasp their value.  This is what will make these lessons stick.  This is what will make children implement these values into their personal and, later, professional lives.    

     USACapitol is one of the smaller firms in our market.  When we began in 1986, we were considered "old fashioned" because of our values and customer-centric commitment.  We offered a life-time frame warranty on all of our products long before our competitors decided that it was to their advantage to do so.  We built and sold a product we were proud to stand behind, with labor and materials from here in the United States.  We still do.  We began our business this way because it was, and still is, the right thing to do.

    Long before it was fashionable, or required by law, for firms to be responsible stewards of the environment, USACapitol had implemented environmentally beneficial recycle, and reuse policies and standards.  Little did we realize that we were "ahead of our time."  We did not do this to be seen as pioneers in our industry.  We did this because we wanted not just our children, but all children to inherit a world worth living in.  It was, and still is, the right thing to do.

     USACapitol has weathered the ebb and flow of the financial and economical market changes and grown.  We have watched competitors come and go.  We have not prevailed because building school furniture is rocket science, we have succeeded because we build and value quality.  We produce quality products, with quality materials, and quality labor.  We invest time and energy building quality relationships with suppliers and dealers that share our values.  We are still here because we hold fast to the old, and now new again, core character principles.  We value and respect: responsibility, compassion, hard work, and diligence.  We have chosen to put down deep and enduring roots rather than sacrifice our quality or standards to achieve cheap, fast financial growth.  Remember: you get what you pay for.